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Internet of Things (IoT) Services includes App design, Point of Sale, data backups consulting, hot-spot captive portal installation, firewall security and web domain setup. Free service includes assistance with: Small mobile APP design, Point of sale (POS) system consulting. In-house server design consulting such as Web, Mail, Proxy, (FTP) with (APP) security, (DNS), (VPN) Server and client setup. (WiFi) or 802.11 networking. (BOYD) bring your own device security policy consulting, Viruses protection, data disposal consulting and how to leverage the power of open source software and operating systems such as Red Hat.

All DeSha DeSign services assist with understanding the importance of maintaining freedom and control of data, to include the need to retain ownership and protect data. Moreover, the expectation of integrity that comes with consumer trust.

Development, web design, computer repair, Linux, open source, small business solutions and domain setup. DeSha DeSigns promotes creativity with respect for all cultures and their Individual ideas. For the obvious reason for behavior modification, information and theft of intellectual property we don’t use FACEBOOK, we do use less invasive medias such as TWITTER and LINKED-IN which focus on professional unguided uncensored collaborations.


Bots are designed to use unprotected systems to spread and attack larger targets thousands upon thousands of bots are sometimes controlled by one botmaster.
The botmaster often exploits well-known system functions and protocols such as the trivial file transfer Protocol (TFTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), or CSend (an IRC extension to send files to other users, comparable to DCC) to transfer itself to the compromised host. The binary is started and tries to connect to the hard-coded master IRC server. Often a dynamic DNS name is provided (for example one from rather than a hard-coded IP address, so the bot can be easily relocated. Some bots even remove themselves if the given master server is localhost or in a private subnet, since this indicates an unusual situation. Using a specially crafted nickname like USA|XXX87272 or [UrX]-666XXX the bot tries to join the master's channel, sometimes using a password to keep strangers out of the channel.

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By assisting small business with technology, security and app design DeSha DeSign are protecting larger systems from attacks such as Election-Hacking or DDOS Attacks a tool at Russia's disposal for election interference has been to simply knock the opposition's website off the internet. Starting in the late 2000s, pro-Russian hackers bombarded the sites of opposition leaders like Garry Kasparov in the midst of his 2007 campaign for president, keeping Kasparov's site offline or sluggish at key moments during the campaign season.

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