Free Beer

Is online tracking like Free Beer?

No, Free Beer is --Free BEER!. It gets your attention. However, understanding why you should protect your families information is also worthy of your attention. Online tracking reduce freedoms, why trade freedom for the promise of safety when it can never truly be delivered? Those that fear will always be in fear "They are the weak link" that all attacks will focus on ( let them remain in fear) We have nothing to fear but fear itself "Franklin D. Roosevelt" In other words, fear turns collective power over to the weak.

Tracking your movements is wrong, its like a bad relationship gone really bad. Internet tracking is part of ecosystem of data collection. Within this ecosystem, anonymized online data can be merged with personally identifiable information about you (information that you may have volunteered on a form, in an app or that was collected offline) to build a surprisingly detailed profile of you.

These profiles have the potential to interfere with your life offline, and can contribute to unfair practices by being improperly used for price discrimination, decreased creditworthiness, more expensive insurance coverage or unfavorable employment or health reports. While these instances are not widespread yet, they do illustrate the potential depths of what is happening behind the scenes and outside of our control.

The hidden cost of "FREE"
We enjoy Free apps and online services but if you’re not paying for them, someone is, and what they’re buying may be the data you leave behind. Decide whether the information you share is worth the service you are receiving.

Reference Mozilla