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We try helping others understand the need for retaining their operating system and application freedoms, not being tricked into paying for things they don't need and how to avoid unsavory companies that use complex descriptions to describe their products such as system speeds, confusing charts, graphs and benchmarks that is more hype than service.

Their tactics will often involve making the consumer believe that system productivity surfer if they don't upgrade. Find out whats in the upgrade and how it will assist you, some upgrades remove needed functions and features.

Before you meet the upgrade demands make sure you're getting what you paid for and not being setup for bigger sale down the road which is often jut putting you back the way you were at higher rates. Service contracts are sometimes used in the same criminals use protection fees.

Don't allow these products to have too much control over needed functions. Like Ransomware they can hold functions hostage. On the other hand renewing useful subscriptions and signing service contracts with ethical vendors is often the best solutions in that you should never allow the use of unsavory tactics to make the sale.

If possible you should respond with changing vendors because this could lead to other unwanted issues.

"KNOW THIS" Information Technology has its own brand of snake oil salesman, there is no such thing as digital or virtual cloud utopia, where disasters recovery plans are not needed. Moreover, pushing everything on cloud servers or outsourcing data task will not release the company CEO or CIO of their responsibility to protect consumer data. In other words, you cannot point the figure when the cloud service provider self-hacks and sale your data for profit. The words "due diligence" come to mind.

Nor will buying service contracts, new hardware and security applications achieve utopia. However, following best practices and ethically attempting to protect client data will win you consumer respect and loyalty, which is better than fictional "digital hype utopia".

For help with confusing Information technology decisions contact. DeSha DeSign 413 West 5th Okmulgee 74447 (918) 756-4693 or help@okmulgee.com

Take hard look at your gains and compare them with the gains seen by the seller in the hidden collection of research data. Bloatware designed to slow productivity and ease the sale of new hardware.

In addition to adding new hardware and helping the vendor conduct research with your data and money, you lose the bandwidth used for sending vendor related research data.

Moreover, the updates may involve a new set of skills producing higher learning curves furthering the reduction in productivity, in all fairness some upgrades are needed ,but you should make sure instead of just thinking "better safe than sorry". You should ask what in the software patch? what does the upgrade fix? what are gains and loses? and whats the cost compared to revenue gains? If you don't ask questions you may be more sorry than safe.

Scam artist understand that most consumers seek convenience and ease of use and exploit their misunderstanding of technologies, tricking them into trading both their system security and freedoms for convenience while collecting their data (your contacts and ideas is money).

Buyers often don't get anything in return, in other words giving up their control of system security, user rights and freedom just cost more money they don't make them any safer.

Sound gloomy?. Not really, the good news is that basic computer training is often free and knowledge creates that ease of use that we all crave. For example, a cognitive understanding of your devices will allow you to learn and retain information quickly.

However, beware of the retailers selling the dream of zero to expert with the swipe of your credit card if this is how you roll you will need to understand that distractions such as viruses, spam, system crashes, support calls, reboots, upgrades, and maintenance are common and you will need to swipe your credit card several times to overcome them.

Microsoft, Mac, Android and Linux all require some level of knowledge (some more than others) understanding that each system will require something from you such as the time for learning them .

For example, several people offload their data on Cloud Servers no problem right?.
Right if you don't have personal data or you just don't care about the personal data.

To be clear personal data is that data that would be found in a file cabinets or wall safe in your home and police would need a search warrant to view the data. There is no expectation of privacy on a third party Cloud server therefore there is no "Fourth Amendment Rights".

Translation, Police don't need a warrant to view or obtain copies of the documents and you may have made it possible for the public to legally obtain copies as well allowing them to be redistributed at will.

I avoid promoting any side or camp in that software and hardware capabilities frequently change and in my humble opinion the best is those not associated with unethical ideas, unsavory sales tactics, bad customer service, reduced choice or orchestrated device failures.

These days It all boils down to cost, new trends, the media ads and user preference.

Choosing a Data Driven Sites

Drupal often gets criticized by newcomers who believe that object-oriented programming (OOP) is always the best way to design software architecture, and since they do not see the word "class" in the Drupal code, it must be inferior to other solutions. In fact, it is true that Drupal does not use many of the OOP features of PHP, but it is a mistake to think that the use of classes is synonymous with object-oriented design.

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