Original Verse:
Proverbs Chapter 19 Verse 10Delight is not seemly for a fool; much less for a servant to have rule over princes.

Reference Verses:
Ecclesiastes Chapter 10 Verse 5-7 [5] There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: [6] Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. [7] I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.
Hosea Chapter 7 Verse 3-5 [3] They make the king glad with their wickedness, and the princes with their lies. [4] They are all adulterers, as an oven heated by the baker, who ceaseth from raising after he hath kneaded the dough, until it be leavened. [5] In the day of our king the princes have made him sick with bottles of wine; he stretched out his hand with scorners.
Luke Chapter 16 Verse 19There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day:
2nd Samuel Chapter 3 Verse 24Then Joab came to the king, and said, What hast thou done? behold, Abner came unto thee; why is it that thou hast sent him away, and he is quite gone?
Proverbs Chapter 30 Verse 21For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear:
Proverbs Chapter 17 Verse 7Excellent speech becometh not a fool: much less do lying lips a prince.
1st Samuel Chapter 25 Verse 36And Abigail came to Nabal; and, behold, he held a feast in his house, like the feast of a king; and Nabal's heart was merry within him, for he was very drunken: wherefore she told him nothing, less or more, until the morning light.
Esther Chapter 3 Verse 15The posts went out, being hastened by the king's commandment, and the decree was given in Shushan the palace. And the king and Haman sat down to drink; but the city Shushan was perplexed.
Isaiah Chapter 5 Verse 11Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them!
Isaiah Chapter 5 Verse 12And the harp, and the viol, the tabret, and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts: but they regard not the work of the LORD, neither consider the operation of his hands.
Isaiah Chapter 22 Verse 12-14 [12] And in that day did the Lord GOD of hosts call to weeping, and to mourning, and to baldness, and to girding with sackcloth: [13] And behold joy and gladness, slaying oxen, and killing sheep, eating flesh, and drinking wine: let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die. [14] And it was revealed in mine ears by the LORD of hosts, Surely this iniquity shall not be purged from you till ye die, saith the Lord GOD of hosts.
Hosea Chapter 9 Verse 1Rejoice not, O Israel, for joy, as other people: for thou hast gone a whoring from thy God, thou hast loved a reward upon every cornfloor.
Amos Chapter 6 Verse 3-6 [3] Ye that put far away the evil day, and cause the seat of violence to come near; [4] That lie upon beds of ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches, and eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the stall; [5] That chant to the sound of the viol, and invent to themselves instruments of musick, like David; [6] That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the chief ointments: but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph.
Luke Chapter 16 Verse 23And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.
James Chapter 4 Verse 9Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.
2nd Samuel Chapter 3 Verse 25Thou knowest Abner the son of Ner, that he came to deceive thee, and to know thy going out and thy coming in, and to know all that thou doest.
2nd Samuel Chapter 3 Verse 39And I am this day weak, though anointed king; and these men the sons of Zeruiah be too hard for me: the LORD shall reward the doer of evil according to his wickedness.
Isaiah Chapter 3 Verse 5And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.
Proverbs Chapter 30 Verse 22For a servant when he reigneth; and a fool when he is filled with meat;